For Sakinah, styling is an art form, helping people express their true selves, deliver an authentic message, and create an impression. “to be a stylist during these times is to be consciously aware of the role you’re playing. For myself, I’ve always wanted to shed light on the black experience through fashion.”.
Blending her love for music and fashion, Sakinah Bashir styles in order to amplify personalities, tell stories and create a timeless presence. Her work exhibits a fusion of modern, textural aesthetics and classical styling, inspired by her father and her Islamic upbringing.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Sakinah believes styling is about building relationships, understanding desires, and respecting needs.

A self-proclaimed ‘southern-sweet-but-assertive-girl’, Sakinah places great importance on organization and intention. As a result she has collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion and music.

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